Monday, 21 January 2013

Your Eyes Keep Me Alive:

I keep myself alive,
Just to see the sparkles in your eyes.
I stop my blood,
From dripping to decrease your flood,
Of negativity and everything in between.
When this knife is ready to lean,
Against my chest to my heart I think of who it beats for.
Gradually you crack the code of me and cleanse my core.
I've must have said this already today,
Bit I cannot seem to say,
It enough anyways.
I love you,
And everything you do,
To save me and yourself.
I remember the words "I hate myself",
Escape your mouth... They hit me like bullets.
And I couldn't stand it,
Knowing blood was being shed,
And you could have been dead.
It's quite amazing we've found each other,
Soon we will no longer have scars to cover,
Thanks to the beauty we've created together.


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