Thursday, 24 January 2013

Love Quotes:

It's really nice when you can just think about someone, and smile...

♥ Dear heart, I'm sorry that you beat to fast when he's there
Dear stomach, I'm sorry that you get butterflies when he smiles
but honestly it's not my fault ♥
It's his

I wish I was...
the one you give a jacket  to when its cold,
the one you dont want to stop holding ,
the one you never want to leave,
the one you want another kiss from after 3,
the one your hands interlock with perfectly,
the one you love more than anything else,
the one you love that much right back,
the one you need.

I miss you a little,
I guess you could say,
a little too much,
a little too often,
and a little more each day.

He still doesn't know that all of those little hearts on my notebook are for him!

If I could reach up & grab a star for each time you made me smile the night sky would be in the palm of my hand.

where are you now
when i need you the most
why dont you take my hand
when i want to be close

the hardest thing to do
is watch the one you love,
love someone else

If I had to choose between loving you & breathing
I would use my last breath to say
I love you

You read his texts over and over again
And you wonder if he does the same…

Letters start with ABC,
numbers start with 123,
songs start with do re mi,
but starts with you and me.

I just want to put my head
in my pillow and scream
when I see you and her together

Love is being stupid together!

The freshman girl, oh so shy sits and watches the sophomore guy.
The sophomore guy with his head in a whirl sits & watches the junior girl.
The junior girl, with her dark tan sits and watches the senior man.
The senior man all hot and wild secrectly loves the freshman child.

His eyes put sunsets to shame


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