Saturday, 26 January 2013

Little Heart:

The city was beautiful, illuminated with neon lights under a shimmering night sky.  We walked hand in hand through the park, a cool breeze gently moving the bare tree limbs from side to side.
     "That really was a good dinner."  I said abruptly. "I've never been anywhere that fancy before."
     "Me either." He replied. "And I don't think I will again for a while."  He chuckled. "It was pretty expensive."
     "Well, thank you for taking me.  It was really sweet of you."  I said, nudging a little closer to his side.  It was getting colder out every minute.  I should've expected it, it was February after all.
     "Eh, it was nothing.  You deserve it anyway, with all the hard work you've been doing lately."
     I saw a bench up ahead, sitting quietly underneath a great pine tree.  Small luminous lights were strung in its branches, creating a sort of mystical atmosphere.
     "Let's go sit down.  I'm tired."  I said, pulling him to the bench.  We sat together.  The benches surface was colder than the air, but my legs were happy for a brief rest.
     "Hug me.  I'm cold."  I demanded with a pout on my face.  He laughed and put his arms around me.
     "Sure, but you sound like one of those cheap candy hearts, y'know?  Speaking of which," He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small box. "I just happen to have some right here!"  He ripped open the box, a juvenile grin on his face.
     "Ew, I hate those, they taste like chalk."  I remarked sticking my tongue out.
     "Yeah well, they hate you too."  He said, sticking his tongue out at me in response.
     "You're ridiculous."  I told him, shaking my head.
     "Yep, but that's why you love me."  He replied grinning.  I sighed, but snuggled closer into his side.
     "Hehe, this one says "call me"  How lame."  He tossed the sugar heart into the air and caught it in his mouth on it's way back down.  We sat longer, enjoying each others company on the brisk winter night.
     "D'you want any?"  He asked, "They're almost gone."
     "Ew, no thanks, I'd rather eat fish."
     "You hate fish...You really think these little things are that bad?"  He questioned, tilting his head to the side like a confused puppy.
     "Yes.  I'm not a fan of eating corny chalk."
     "Well, have it your way then."  He said shrugging.  I was so tired, I began to drift to sleep in his arms as the time passed quietly.  As I was about to fall asleep I heard him say, "The last one, be mine."  He held it in front of my face as I cracked my eyes open to look at it.  I closed them again and rested my head on his side.
     "I'm already yours..."


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