Friday, 25 January 2013

Marry Me:

"But you're going away…" she nervously whispered into my ear. I didn't care, I needed her, she was everything I ever dreamed of. Her eyes were coloured much like the sea and her long blonde hair swept off her shoulders, perfection was all I saw. My hand rested on her chest while her heart pounded onto my palm like a drum, I grew accustom to the feeling. It didn't feel wrong that I was going away in just a few hours and I was in the arms of someone I had known for only a month, asking her to do something so passionate and life-changing with me – It felt possible. It felt like weight was lifted off my shoulders and had flown off into an entirely different universe, I felt like everything in the world would be okay. I felt. The light from the shuttered window shone on her white, laced shirt and the beautiful tone to her skin spoke to me, she shut her eyes - I had never seen anything so calm in my life. I don't know whether being in the army does that to a man, after years of service and the witnessing of deaths, whether it makes every little thing to be appreciated, I don't know, but there I laid amongst the presence of such beauty, such perfection, leaving seemed like the biggest tragedy a man could face. I ran my hands down her long arms until our fingers intertwined , the alignment sent bolts of shivers through my body, the corners of her mouth raised to a smile and her eyes locked onto mine, "Please." I beg of her, knowing I need this more than anything. She nodded with a smile and pulled her hand from my grasp and spaced her fingers – and so I slid the ring on, without a care in the world.


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