Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Romantic Love SMS:

I Love To Watch You Sleep,
& Listen To Your Heartbeat..
I Love To Hear My Name On
Your Lips..
I Love To Hear Your Laugh..
I Love Looking Into Your Eyes.
I Love To Kiss On Your Lips.


I Need A Kiss;
I Require Hugs;
I Long For Love;
I Yearn For Warmth;
I Want To Feel An Intimate Touch.
But Mostly I Need All The Above.
And That Too, From You And You Only!


Take My Eyes But Let Me See U..
Take My Mind But Let Me Think About U..
Take My Hands But Let Me Touch U..
Dont Try To Take My Heart..
Its Already With U..!


To See Love, Look At Moon..
To See Beauty, Look At Nature..
To See Light, Look At Sun..
To See Hope, Look At Future..
I Can See All Of These By
Just Looking At Ur Eyes..!


Most Romantic Line:
A Boy Told His Girlfriend
Your Eyes Are Just Too

D Girl Replied Yes,
They R Beautiful, Only
Bcoz U Stay In Them.


Your Lips? I Kiss That.

Your Body? I Hug That.

My Smile? You Cause That.

Your Heart? I Want That.

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