Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Dating Tips For Women:

Here are some dating tips for women:

* Always let them come to you, don't chase them via email.
* Block anyone who annoys you instantly.
* Post the best and most vampish photo you can find.
* Don't reply to instant messages with clever opening lines.
* Remain aloof and let yourself be chased.
* Always reply to emails at least three days after receipt.
* Never provide your real email or phone details.
* Always date safely and protect yourself at every turn.
* Make sure your login name is stunning and sexy, as well as enigmatic.
* Do not login for hours on end. Short, rapid visits are best.
* Do not assume the person you are talking to is destitute or sad.
* A man who doesn't reply to your email within 3 days should be ignored.
* Make sure your humor levels come across in text.
* Do not chat to hundreds of men at once. The delay in replying is a dead giveaway for  
* Don't even think about misrepresenting your size or description. They will find out.
* Come across as cool and sophisticated for best results

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