Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Valentine Quotes:

roses have thorns
and violets turn brown,
hearts get torn
and ships go down

apples go rotton,
strings will break,
words are forgotten-
we make mistakes

sunrise to sunset,
twilight to dawn,
we cannot stop it-
life goes on

smiles are sticky,
sunshine can burn,
love can be tricky-
some never learn

Roses you hand-picked
Decay into ground,
None of it’s perfect-
Look around

Corniness, flattery
Make me feel sick,
Once out of batteries
you’re just a dick

meaning is twisted,
trust is used,
aid, resisted
love, abused

humans are flawed,
beauty is pain,
self is a god,
my loss is your gain

love can’t be trusted
only hate,
for action we lusted
and sealed our fate...

I guess by all this, what I’m trying to say
is I’m thinking of you on this Valentine’s day
I’ve no perfumed hearts and no roses of white-
no, I wrote you a valentine
that bites.


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