Monday, 6 February 2012

How to Love Unconditionally:

To love unconditionally you need to follow the followings:

Listen to your partner well.

Be enthusiasm should not be lost in life.

Be responsive in all your action.

Self awareness is important.

Enjoy every moments of the relationship.

Be focused always in the relationship.

Be methodical in all your action.

Do not neglect anything in the relationship.

Avoid complications majorly.

Speak out things clearly.

Do not drag things.

Spend quality time together.

Go for a date in frequent intervals.

Be efficient to manage time.

Be personal.

Show that you care.

You can always try out new things to make the relation sweeter.

Know what your partner likes and dislikes.

Dress up well.

Do not do things which your partner dislikes.

Never forget to make your partner feel loved.

The experience needs to be enjoyed well by both of you.

Remember not to pressurize in love.

Do not be selfish when in a relationship.


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