Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Love SMS:

Flowers open to see you. Rains drop to touch you. The sun rises to cherish you. I am born to love you. I love you.


Winds whisper in my ear, here is the love of your life, which you were searching for, Don’t let it go anywhere, Go and hold this love tightly, and keep it into your heart for always.


You are the joy of my life, You are the smile of my face, I live to see you, Your warm smile gives me strength, Don’t you ever leave me. I love You.


My life is for you, My heart beats for you, My soul goes on love you, My eyes always wants to see you, My lips wants the touch of yours, I exist only for you…..


Darling! If flowers could express my heart, I send you yellow flowers to always be with me , Pink tulips to bring happiness in my life, Red flowers for always living in my life, This bunch shows you are everything to me. I love you…..


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