Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Priyanka-Shahid wallpappers

shahid-priyanka images
shahid-priyanka images
shahid-kapoor-priyanka_chopra snaps
Priyanka-Shahid wallpapers


Shahid Kapoor may have been active in getting his ex-girlfriend Kareena Kapoor to switch to vegetarian foodstuff, other than he must forget pressing several of his attitude on Priyanka Chopra, for she isn't going to get them lying down. And even struggle between Shahid and Priyanka is exactly what's taking a toll on her health. Even if everything seems hunky-dory on the face of it, Priyanka is very stressed with all the tiffs she has with Shahid.

This is single of the main reasons why she fell ill recently. However with the release of their film, Kaminey around the corner, together are trying their best to attach around with each other, afraid to risk negative publicity as this would be a central release for both.Our source said, “Shahid and Priyanka started seeing each other right from the second schedule of the film. Priyanka hadn't still discarded Harman Baweja, but as Shahid had a more talented career than his, she latched on to Shahid.

It was during Shahid's birthday party where the problem started. Priyanka was enjoying her vodka shots, and Shahid, a staunch fan of Radhasoami, disapproved of it. They had a quarrel, and mind you, this was just the beginning.”


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